More About Incense

We only sell the Best….Prabhuji Incense

Incense -Aromatic hand- harvested and rolled with natural herbs and flowers that are dried naturally under the sun. They contain numerous spices, and essential oils that are blended into fragrances according to ancient traditions coming from different origins such as Hindu, and Buddhist heritages and pure frankincense and myrrh burnt in Christian churches. Infused with sacred mantras and contain aromatic items that were selected to calm the mind and purify the heart and assist you to stay focused on your intentions.

10 different fragrances

Ganga-“Goddess of heavenly ambrosia”- Cinnamon, Lavender, & Jasmine

Gopinatha-“Lord of the gopis”-Iris, Daffodil & Jasmine

Govinda-“Source Of Joy and Happiness”-Sandlewood, Sage & Lavender

Hari-“Remover of darkness”-Amber & Sandlewood

Jagantha-“Lord of the universe”-Botanical Flower Blend

Lalita-“One of the main gopis, or cowherd girl of Vrindavan-examples of the highest devine love”

Matysa-“The fish avatar- Jasmine & Rose

Mukunda-“The one who liberates”-Patchouli & Spices

Narasingha Dev-“Half-lion avatar”- Frankincense Champa

Vrinda Devi-“Goddess of devotion”- Nag Champa


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