where two or more are gathered there You will be in the mist

We wanted to take a moment to explain our tag line…There is a beautiful passage in the bible.

It is actually Matthew 18:19-20 .

 We , the Lightworkers of Soulsational Gatherings interpret this passage to be  God/Source/All That Is , directive to  Matthew  .

To educate Matthew  that He hears all of our prayers .However, he directs Matthew that when two or more are gathered together for the purpose of asking Him for help, He will be there in the mist.

We believe that there is a powerful energetic that occurs when two or more come together for the purpose of  supporting or helping one another  .The power of numbers.

We believe in  the definition of the Law of Attraction ,which states “that which is likened to us is drawn.” 

It is a matter of coming to a place where your  desire becomes so strong it morphs into a belief .It becomes a part of you.

It is  then in this belief our Prayers/Affirmation and  Meditations are heard and then answered.

This is what we believe to be true. It is in this  belief ,that our Tag Line was born.

As Lightworkers our intention is to support your meditation or affirmation practice by making available  tools you can find in our Online Retail Boutique to assist you with your practice . 

 Soulsational Gatherings has manifested for this very purpose .

We  have manifested a Metaphysical Online Retail Boutique which provides tools  to assist you with your practice along with a Blog which will provide endless information about this subject .

We are Lightworkers(helpers) This is our nature .


Feel free to comment/reply anytime.

Love and Light!



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