How about Gold?

picture of gold rock


Gold is known as the master healer of all the Minerals having masculine qualities that are associated with the Sun. It has been called the Mineral of Light and has been used during rituals in order to enhance ones ability to build and send forth energy where it is directed to go.

Gold is used to symbolize the purity and spiritual aspect of “The All” and “All That Is”, Divinity ,(which is associated with the Sun)allowing one to be present and maintain communication with the source of all being.

When it is given to another unconditionally, Gold will bring illumination to the giver. As a symbol of the Sun, it is often used during success rituals.

 It is an excellent to use for purification and the balancing of all energy fields.Gold creates powerful amulets and increases healing powers  when used  with gemstones.It will attract, hold and stabilize the influence of any stone one chooses to use.

It is also said that Gold will assist with the functioning and rejuvenating of the endocrine system and said to enhance mental facilities and the nervous system.  It also assists in regenerating  tissues and the  skeletal system, and it is known  to balance the left and right brain to help with physical coordination.

It is told that gold has been used to open, stimulate, and activate the 6th, Third Eye Chakra.

Clearing negativity from all chakras, and energy fields of the physical, intellectual, emotional as well as the spiritual bodies.

Topaz when used in a Gold setting will disperse enchantments, and Ruby in a Gold setting will realign  the body by absorbing energy from the sun.

It can also clear away negativity.

Pink Gold represents spirituality.

White Gold is said to combine with the Sun and Moon’s energies which in combination is very powerful.



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