Harvest Moon 9/16/2016



September 16,2016

Harvest moon falls on the first full moon closest to the autumn  equinox .This full moon is special because of the time difference between moon rise and successive evenings which  is shorter than than other full moons.

The Harvest Moon tends to be large and much brighter than other moons of the year.

The Harvest Moon got its name from the extra light it gave farmers in times since past.

“Full Moon teaches us that the magic of manifesting our dreams comes when we fill ourselves with the intention and passion of what we desire. It is owning this passion body, mind and spirit, that magnetizes the outcome of our desires into our reality.

Full Moon -From fourteen to seventeen-and-a-half days after the new moon.

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These  power candles will assist you manifesting your hearts desires during the Magic of the Moon Cycles.

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