A pendulum is a small weight on a string or chain.   The weight is  an object about 1/2 inch by 1 inch in size. The chain or string is usually about 8 inches long.

Pendulums have been used  throughout history to locate water, gold, gems, and valuable items.

Early scientists and doctors in Europe used pendulums to assist them with locating infections and weak areas of the body.

When held properly, the pendulum will react to very small nerves in your fingers that are transmitted to  your subconscious mind through the nerves of your fingers.

These tiny nerve transmissions affect the chain and are then transmitted thru the chain to the weight causing it to move in a direction.

A pendulum is is moved by your mind.

We use Pendulums as a tool to help us tap into our subconscious mind in order to assist us in answering questions that we  have .

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