New Moon 10/30/2016


The new moon is close to Samhain , the ancient Celtic celebration of marking the half way point between the light and the dark of seasons, summer and winter. It is also the time when the veil between the living and dead is most thin, allowing spirits to travel from one dimension to the next.

Scorpio rules the second new moon on October 30th which encourages balance and resourcefulness. The new moon  represents  a time for new beginnings . Innocence and creativity and digging deep so you can keep the momentum going are the lessons of the new moon.

This energy provides an opportunity to begin or begin again. It is from this innocence and freedom that we can choose paths, new and undefined.


New Moon reiki charged hand poured essential oil and herb infused  candles to help assist you with manifesting your desires/affirmations.Made when the moon is right!

Love and Light!

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