Summer Solstice June 21,2017



summer soltcise

The word Solstice comes from the latin word ‘solstitum.

Sol, means ‘sun’, and stitium, means ‘stop’. This is the time where the sun appears to have stopped.

Summer Solstice,  is the first day of summer,the longest day of the year, and has the shortest night.

From this start date the days get shorter and the nights get longer.

The solstice, sometimes called midsummer because by now farmers have long since completed  their planting.

This is the day of the year where the sun is at the highest point over the Equator, and the farthest north. Energetically,  a portal of positive celestial potential opens up.

The Mayans, Essenes, Druids and Egyptians, built temples that captured this moment of alignment, and they would take part in sacred ceremonies.  The head of the Sphinx at the Great Pyramids of Egypt,  has the sun of the summer solstice symbol at its crown.

Light is spiritual by nature.The sun and stars have much spiritual  power that has its roots in the  higher dimensions. The summer solstice is described as the gate of ascent out of this world into the realm of spirit by both Krishna, in the famous text The Bhagavad Gita, and in the designs of the secret caves of Mithras.

The summer solstice is a celebration of the return to light. It reminds us of the light that resides in all of us  .

It is about awakening, and how the light cancels out the darkness.

The summer solstice is a time to spend outdoors , to embrace the powerful sun energy,  To be gratitude about the abundance and blessings that are in our lives. Giving thanks.


Solar Eclipse Sunday February 26,2017 9:58 AM EST


On Sunday February 26,2017 at 9:58 AM EST

As we usher in the Spring a season for new beginnings and renewal , the Solar Eclipse  represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new cycle.

 It is dominated by the spiritual planet Neptune.When this occurs it represents a time of  hope for a brighter future. Good fortune and lasting happiness come from the stars in this region of the sky.

Time for a fresh start.

This eclipse is a time when  dreams can turn into reality  especially in relationships.




The pendulum is basically an amplifier. It is a tool that assists you in accessing the collective unconscious and your Higher Self.They are often used as tools for spiritual healing and inner growth.

The best shape for the weight is something that comes to a point. The best length for the pendulum is six inches

Think of the pendulum  as an extension of the intuition .It is used to gain access to information that exists at the subconscious level your Inner Being. It assists in strengthening  and amplifying  your intuition.

When you ask a question of the pendulum, it is your own intuition that answers it.

The pendulum assists you in seeing what your intuition already knows. Because it is an extension your intuition, the pendulum can give you information from  from your own subconscious mind; and from your guidance, spirit, or guardian angel. The pendulum can only answer questions that are phrased so that the answer is either “yes” or “no”.

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About Yoga Pillows




A zafu is a small solid round pillow used as a seat in meditation.  It lifts the body enough to take pressure off the knees and ankles and aids with proper alignment of the back. It is normally used on top of a zabuton.


A zabuton is a flat square mat used for sitting on during meditation.  It provides padding for the knees and ankles and is usually used with a zafu on top.


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About the Spring Equinox March 20,2017


The Spring Equinox opens the veil between the physical and the spiritual realms  so that the time of renewal , new light ,new beginnings . seeds and paths can be planted and  ushered in.

In days long since past rituals were performed at the moment of welcoming Spring and people would cleanse the  old energy out of their personal spaces and their religious temples to make way for the new light. So as in the saying “spring cleaning” . It actually was considered the New Year  in many areas in Europe

The Spring Equinox also has a connection to Eostre, the Goddess of Spring & Dawn. According to stories of old, she is a goddess associated with flowers and springtime, and her name gives us the word “Easter”.

Rabbits and painted eggs are both potent symbols of fertility, reflecting the nature of this spring Goddess.

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Love and Light!